Feb 26, 2014

On the Move...this time Glamour Drops, not me that is...

Glamour Drops has moved to a new address:

I hope you will update your details so that we can continue 
on the quest for the glamorous details in life!

Feb 19, 2014

Contemporary lines, richly detailed finishes :: Would you Love to Live Here?

Materials of intrinsic richness,
colours which evoke sumptuousness,
a mix of generous and cosy spaces…

This is a home of much sophisticated and elegance,
and as it is freshly on the market here in Melbourne,
let's have a little gander to see if it tickles your fancy…

And we may as well start at the beginning,
for as was noted in the Sound of Music,
the beginning is a Very Good Place to Start.

The simplicity of the in situ concrete path
creates a simple contrast with the ridged lines of the zinc facade.

A swimming pool becomes one of a series of geometrical patterns
which arrest the eye…
…as well, of course, as a place to actually get wet…

The rich colours befit the local climate of Melbourne,
where dark colours are embraced with a passion. 

The home has been designed by McBride Charles Ryan,
a firm which is not afraid of colour or texture.

And the garden is the work of the talented Rick Eckersley,
whose layering of colour and texture is more akin
to painting in a medium of plants,
rather than gardening, per se.

It's a home waiting for the new owners to make it their own
with their furniture and treasured items,
allowing the richness of the materials of the architecture
to form that simple backdrop of a stage set…
Just waiting for the play to begin.

Would you love to live here?

property location :: 15 wynnstay rd prahran melbourne
details here

Apr 3, 2013

The Greatest Challenge? Let me go.

This month's question for the group of international bloggers who like to chat on a given topic,
is somewhat of a challenge in itself.
The gem was to discuss a challenge which has changed you, from which you have grown.
I can think of a thousand challenges we face every day,
as modern women trying to balance great expectations in work and relationships 
and motherhood and sanity.
Balancing our insane expectations of perfection in everything we touch...
...wanting to fit so much in to every day... and keeping it all together for those who depend on us.

But when I read Marsha's words, talking of something personal which has been the greatest challenge,
for me there was only one memory, one thought, which shined so clearly through the mire of ideas.
It was the challenge of holding onto life, when it would be easier to let it go.

But first, I need to take you back....14 years ago... to explain...

Apr 2, 2013

Language of Flowers :: April's Sweet Pea

With the new days of April, there is a new Flower of the Month to celebrate,
and it is one of the old fashioned simple ones, the humble sweet pea.
If you live in the southern hemisphere, it's now time to plant them,
but if you live in the northern hemisphere, it's picking time.

Apr 1, 2013

Fabulous Front Entrance :: A letterbox that just flew in...

These cheeky little letterboxes would add a smile to the postie's face I suspect,
because they take an object which is often quite uninspired 
and turn it into something both stylish and fun. 
They would be particularly wonderful used as a contrast to a very ornate older home
or to follow the lines of a more angular contemporary one.
Called "KooKoo" (can you see the stylised bird shape?)
they are made in Australia, which in itself is something to be celebrated.

Mar 31, 2013

Pot plants : adding that softening edge to industrial style...

Just imagine how this space would look if there were no plants in it.
Those fun little hanging balls of living colour bring in an eclectic feel,
as each plant is quite different in shape and colour.
So the space becomes welcoming and enticing,
a sunny spot in which to read and sip a cup of tea.

The balcony is part of this rather fun apartment at Fitzroy,
designed by NOWArchitecture,
and it maximises a small space into a rather fabulous one.

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